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School's Out Fall Dates

School's Out 2023


for rising kindergarten - 5th graders


 Spring Dates Available

$65/per day of camp

for rising kindergartners - 5th grade

Fall Dates

November 21st & 22nd

Winter Dates

December 21st & 22nd

December 26th - 29th

January 15th

February 19th



Spring Dates

March 15th

March 18th - 22nd

April 2nd & 3rd



Our School's Out Camps are scheduled around select national holidays & seasonal breaks based on public and private school district calendars.

School's Out Dates

Fall Dates & Themes

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November 21st Theme:



Delve into the captivating essence of autumn as we draw inspiration from the lingering impressions it leaves behind, reflecting on our year's journey. We will craft unique prints using nature's treasures like leaves and pine cones, capturing the beauty of autumn in tangible and lasting impressions.

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November 22nd Theme:

Mission Transition


During this camp we will draw inspiration from the fluidity of seasonal change.

Through various mediums and techniques, we'll translate the beauty of transitions into captivating artworks that reflect nature's ever-evolving masterpiece.

School's Out: Winter

Winter Dates & Themes

December 21st Theme:

Solstice Scenes

As winter dawns its first moments, adding another layer of seasonal charm to Tower Grove Park, we will capture this iconic seasonal turning point with different media approaches.

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December 26th Theme:

The 4 Seasons

Celebrate the beauty and diversity of each season as we guide you to craft inspired artworks capturing the essence of spring, summer, autumn, and winter 

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December 28th Theme:

Frozen Fantasy

This camp is designed to transport us into the realm of icy dreams, where fantastical creatures come to play. Join us as we make our frozen fantasies come to life!

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January 15th Theme:

Story Time

As 2023 comes to an end, we are tasked with imagining the new year ahead of us. Join us as we come together through the art of collage and multimedia works to create a board of our hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the year ahead.

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December 22nd Theme:

Gift Cycling

 Why buy gift wrapping, holiday cards, decor or gifts when you can make them? Together, we will explore the art of recycling / upcycling with the holidays in mind.

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December 27th Theme:

Winter Wonders

Embrace the enchantment of winter and capture the magic of the coldest season through the art of sensory storytelling.

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December 29th Theme:

Dream Boards

As 2023 comes to an end, we are tasked with imagining the new year ahead of us. Join us as we come together through the art of collage and multimedia works to create a board of our hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the year ahead.

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February 19th Theme:

Dragon Tales

As 2023 comes to an end, we are tasked with imagining the new year ahead of us. Join us as we come together through the art of collage and multimedia works to create a board of our hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the year ahead.

Spring Dates & Themes

Spring Camps

March 15th Theme:

Yarn Barn

Unravel your creativity with a day filled with yarn-inspired crafts, weaving wonders that spin a tale of artistic ingenuity." "Join us for a day of fiber arts, exploring the endless possibilities of yarn as a medium.


March 19th Theme:

The Motion Of Emotion

Join us for a day-long journey of delving into the dance of emotions, where brushstrokes, colors, and movement converge to articulate feelings, fostering a deeper understanding of how art can convey and channel our emotions.


March 21st Theme:

Equinox In A Box

Embark on a celestial adventure in a box, crafting celestial dioramas,  landscapes, and unraveling the mysteries of equinoxes, all encapsulated within a day of cosmic creativity and exploration.


April 2nd Theme:

Pencils & Stencils

Unleash your creativity as we explore the world of intricate stenciling and pencil drawing, where campers will learn how to use and experiment with stencil designs with pencil work.

March 18th Theme:

From Trash To Treasure

Campers will turn recyclables into remarkable art pieces through innovative upcycling techniques and eco-conscious creativity. Join us for a day of repurposing, reimagining, and crafting brilliance as we breathe new life into found materials.


March 20th Theme:

Perennial Prints

Budding artists will delve into the world of everlasting patterns and textures inspired by nature's timeless flora, creating stunning prints that bloom with creativity.


March 22nd Theme:


Campers will explore the interplay of opposites through art, creating visual narratives that juxtapose light and dark, chaos and order, and what hangs in the balance. Join us for a day of artistic discovery as we unravel the complexities of duality, encouraging young artists to express the nuanced shades of existence through their creative endeavors.


April 3rd Theme:


Enter the world of the subconscious! Campers will create surreal and dreamlike artworks inspired by the subconscious mind, exploring symbolism, and their fondest dreams.


Sibling Discount

Register one camper, get 10% off additional siblings enrolled!



Play, Pretend, Create, Innovate

Artscope's School's Out camps / workshops features expert visual art instruction by Artscope's experienced teaching artists, special guests, lots of screen-free outdoor play, and supervised exploration of magical Tower Grove Park.


We emphasize reducing our footprint by using natural, recycled and upcycled materials for our art as much as possible while still providing top notch supplies for our campers. Each day a different theme. Register for one, two or all!

Cancelation Policy

For School's Out, a registration canceled up to the Friday two weeks prior to the week of enrollment is eligible for a refund, plus an administrative fee of $25 per week of enrollment canceled. Cancellations requested after that point are not entitled to a refund

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sets our camps apart?


  • School's Out is a drop in style camp / workshop that takes place during select national holidays and seasonal breaks based on public and private school calendars. These camps span anywhere from one or two days to a a week-long, immersive, artist-led experience.

  • Our staff is entirely made up of local artists.

  • Students will explore community, arts, nature and facilitation during their week at Camp Create.

  • We lead by example and model behavior that builds community within camp.

  • We are here to support the success, enrichment, and joy of each child. 

  • We are discovery led, and encourage students to identify and reflect on their interactions with the world around them through the lens of lifelong artistry.

  • We strive to see ourselves in each other, and to approach each day with genuine empathy and connection.

  • We strive to utilize education as a collaborative art form, and are so excited for our cohort to learn, create, and discover right along with your camper!


Q: What age range do our camps cater to?


A: Our camps are designed for students in kindergarten through 5th grade. This age range ensures that students are comfortable with a full day of instruction and the classroom environment. If a parent is confident that their child can handle the full day and follow our expectations, they are welcome to join. However, if a child isn't able to abide by the expectations, they'll need to be picked up from camp.


Q: How do I find the Artscope cottage?


A: We recommend using "Artscope" as your GPS destination rather than "2929 Tower Grove Ave." Enter the park on Kingshighway between Arsenal and Magnolia, and follow the southernmost road up to our cottage. We are located at the corner of Arsenal and Center Cross Drive, across the street from the Turkish Pavilion.


Q: Is our cottage accessible for people with disabilities?


A: Unfortunately, due to the historic nature of our studio, our building is not wheelchair accessible. The bathroom can be accessed via a tight spiral staircase. Additionally, voices can reverberate loudly in our stone building, so those with auditory sensitivities might be more comfortable with noise-dampening devices.


Q: What is the refund policy for camp?


A: Refunds are only issued for cancellations made at least two weeks prior to the start of camp. There may be some flexibility in moving a camp date if enrollment is low, but this should be checked with the Executive Director.


Q: Are masks required at Camp Create?


A: Masks are recommended in close quarters, but not required as per current CDC recommendations.


Q: Does School's Out offer before or after care?


A: No, neither before nor after care is provided for our School Year School's Out programs.

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