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Our Mission

Artscope’s mission is to provide a safe and educational environment for children to explore the Arts and to strengthen the ties within the Saint Louis community.

The concept of “creativity” is something that lives within all of us. The safe and inclusive educational environment at ArtScope cultivates a child’s ability to explore their inner creativity.

Unfortunately, many Arts education programs across the U.S. and in Saint Louis City face complex financial burdens that in many cases aren’t able to support Arts education programs. Artscope aims to fill that gap.

Arts education, in all of its varying forms, encourages the use and growth of a child’s inner creativity. Children who have access to arts education have higher rates of school attendance, higher standardized test scores, higher high school graduation rates, and lower incidences of disciplinary infractions.

And that’s just the beginning. Those same children, who learn at Artscope that their creative ideas hold value, are the people who transform our communities as adults.

Places where community members are interacting, exchanging ideas, valuing one another’s creative talents — those are places where economic development increases, where schools thrive, and where cities flourish.

ArtScope is focused on children’s creativity and the endless opportunities it creates to impact a child’s life.

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Our Teaching Philosophy

Artscope’s philosophy is centered around the development of creative problem solving skills in young people.

By encouraging children to develop an idea and follow it through to a conclusion, using whatever materials and resources are available, we help them to build not only confidence in their own abilities, but an understanding of cause and effect and natural outcomes.

Artscope starts from a place of “yes”. In as much as is practical and safe, children’s questions of “Can we…?”, “Is it ok to…?”, and “May I…?” are answered in the affirmative and assistance and suggestions are offered only when asked for. While by no means are we officially affiliated, our day-to-day practices are informed most by the Reggio Emilia, Montessori, and Waldorf educational philosophies.

We measure the success of our programs not only anecdotally through conversations with the children themselves and their adult caregivers, but as much as possible through academic partnerships that evaluate the long-term success of the children that we serve.

We love children and the promise for the future of our community that they represent. We believe that developing a child’s creative potential has a significant impact on that child’s future success in any endeavor and, thereby, a positive impact on our community as a whole.

Core Values

  • Creativity
    • We value each child’s unique approach to problem solving
    • We value the creative process no matter what the outcome
    • We encourage trying new things
  • Diversity
    • We seek out diverse influences, teachers, students and opportunities
    • We provide as many opportunities for creative expression as possible
    • We tell our stories and listen to others stories
  • Ecology
    • We are mindful of our use of newly manufactured supplies
    • We repurpose, re-imagine and re-use wherever possible
    • We look to the renewable natural materials in our environment for inspiration
  • Cooperation
    • We say yes unless there’s a very good reason to say no
    • We help each other and create together
    • We recognize boundaries
  • Play
    • We have fun with our friends, old and new
    • We spend as much time as possible in imaginative physical play in the park
    • We make believe, make magic and make a safe space for silly
  • Our core values are
    • Naturally woven into all programming
    • Practiced by Artscope educators and modeled to our students
    • Reflected in our organizational structure
    • Represented by Artscope staff both online and in the community



Our History


Artscope was founded by Saint Louis artist Jenna Bauer to create an accessible space for children and adults to experience the Arts. Then named The Saint Louis City Open Studio and Gallery (SCOSaG), the space provided children and adults an inclusive environment to explore creativity.


SCOSaG refocused the arts programs to serve primarily children and youth, including yearly arts education programs and summer camps. SCOSaG also provided arts education for community organizations and events throughout Saint Louis City.


SCOSaG was renamed Artscope under the same mission and vision. Artscope continues to be the only arts education program in St. Louis City to be permanently located in a natural environment, calling Tower Grove Park its home for over 12 years.

Under the same ideas it was founded on in 2002, Artscope continues to work to provide access to the Arts for all children and grow creativity in the community.


Support Now


Mission Saint Louis

July & August 2014

Artscope has partnered with Mission STL since 2011 to provide custom art programs for Mission STL summer camp children 4th-8th grades. The Mission STL free summer camp program serves children in The Grove community who would otherwise not be able to attend summer camp programming.

Missouri History Museum

Summer 2014

In 2014, Artscope partnered with the Missouri History Museum to develop the “History Clubhouse: Let’s Build It” exhibition. Artscope provided creative arts activities for five weekends during the exhibition. “History Clubhouse: Let’s Build It” was a precursor to the “History Clubhouse” permanent exhibit and collaborated with longtime Artscope supporter and local artist, Cbabi Bayoc. This exhibit was officially installed in the summer of 2015.

St. Francis Cabrini Academy and Marian Middle School

August 2014-May 2015 and ongoing

ArtScope has provided Artist-In-Residence support for St. Francis Cabrini Academy and Marian Middle School over many years. Artscope educators provide supplemental arts education to students at these schools. Without external arts education support these schools would otherwise face difficult financial constraints restricting their ability to provide arts education programming.

St. Francis Cabrini Academy is a K-8 school serving a diverse population of Saint Louis City families, rich in international diversity. Marian Middle School serves female students from across the St. Louis area and are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by fostering comprehensive development as a foundation for college readiness.

Artscope would also like to thank the following for their continued support and generosity:




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Our Staff


Jennifer Bradford, M.S., Executive Director


Jennifer is a St. Louis native and a working artist with a focus on fine craft metalsmithing and fiber arts. Prior to her role with Artscope, Ms. Bradford worked in Diversity and Inclusion for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, in the Continuing Education faculty for St. Louis Community College, as a Program Manager for Judevine Center for Autism and as a software programmer and IT manager for various silicon valley startups. As a volunteer, Jennifer has worked with Artscope for five years, as well as having worked with Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Art Dimensions, St. Louis City Juvenile Detention Facility and the Community Arts and Movement (formerly Media) Project.

Ms. Bradford holds a Master of Science in Computer Education from Fontbonne University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The Pierre Laclede Honors College of the University of Missouri St. Louis.

Contact Jen at

Lauren Lane, M.F.A., Marketing Coordinator


A native St. Louisan, Lauren Lane received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Drawing from Missouri State University in Springfield, MO, and her Masters of Fine Arts from the Memphis College of Art.

Prior to working at Artscope, Ms. Lane was the Visual Arts Director at Arts Place, Inc., a regional arts nonprofit headquartered in Portland, Indiana. She is also the co-founder and Executive Director of Skepticon, a national conference that promotes skepticism and science. In addition, Ms. Lane is a professional artist who works in multiple mediums.

For press inquiries, volunteering, and more contact Lauren at

Emily Hemeyer, B.F.A, Arts Educator

Emily is an Artscope hosted arts education teacher at St. Francis Cabrini School in Saint Louis City. In addition to Emily’s Bachelor in Fine Art from the University of Missouri-Columbia, she also attended the Aegean School for Fine Arts in Paros, Greece and is a Community Arts Training graduate through the Regional Arts Commission.

Emily has a wide background in community arts education with children nationally including Camp Kinder land (MA), Camp Wicosuta (NH), French Woods Festival for the Performing Arts (NY) and Columbia Art League (MO). Locally, Emily has collaborated with Chesterfield Arts, Metro Theater Company, and Viva Vox as a teaching artist. For more information on Emily’s artistic work visit

Sarah Paulsen, M.F.A, Arts Educator

Sarah is an Artscope hosted arts educator at Marian Middle School in Saint Louis City. Sarah holds a Masters of Fine Art from Washington University and has been internationally recognized for her varying artistic styles. Sarah’s animated documentary films including “Que, Sera, Sera”, a film documenting undocumented Mexican youth’s struggle with immigration and her more recent work, “Elegy to Connie”, documenting the events leading up to the Kirkwood city council shooting in 2008 have been internationally viewed and awarded.

Teaching art and animation through Forest Park Community College, The Saint Louis Art Museum, Washington University, Lewis and Clark Summer Institute, and Columbia Public Schools, Sarah has a wide background of youth arts education. For more information on Sarah’s artistic work and biography visit

Board of Directors

Todd Jones, ATT, President of the Board

Private Attorney


Leilah Shabazaz, CPA, Treasurer


Dave Weil, Board Member

Grants Coordinator at Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation

Ted Floros, Board Member

Independent Development and Research Chemist

Julia Lopez, LCSW, MPH, Board Member

Graduate Research Assistant, Saint Louis University

Katie Raesly, Board Member

Senior Marketing Coordinator at DTZ

Josh Peck, Board Member

Senior Research Administrator, The Genome Institute at Washington University School of Medicine




Camp Policies

Please LABEL all items such as lunch boxes, backpacks, sunscreen, and extra clothing / swimsuits / towels clearly with your camper’s name. We have a lost and found bucket for misplaced items. Please check it daily as items left after camp will be donated or discarded. Please pack a REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE for your camper(s) DAILY. Artscope always has water for campers to refill their water bottle. We do not have cups and strongly encourage reusable containers to minimize environmental impact. WE GET MESSY and, weather permitting, we play outside! We get really messy both indoors and out, and if it is warm, we get wet! Please send your camper(s) in clothing and shoes suitable for ACTIVE outdoor activities and messy creative play. Campers should bring a change of clothing as well as sunscreen and bug spray or winter outerwear (hats, gloves, coats, winter footwear) as applicable with your camper daily. We passionately believe kiddos need lots and lots of unplugged time to play with other children and explore art and nature. As such, electronic devices are never allowed at Artscope. Please do not send iPods, cell phones, video games, or other electronic toys to camp, as they will be taken away until the end of the day. If this happens repeatedly, you may be asked not to send your child to Artscope anymore. Artscope is peanut and tree nut free. Please do not send foodstuffs containing peanuts/peanut butter or tree nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, etc.) with your camper. Many campers as well as our staff have allergies that result in life-threatening reactions simply from being touched by others who have handled nut/peanut products. Seed products such as sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, tahini, sunflower seed butter, etc. are fine. All medications (RX or over-the-counter, including Epi Pen) MUST be checked in / out daily with the camp director. Parents bringing medications are required to bring a completed medication authorization form with their child on the first day of camp. Medication should be brought in a ziplock bag very clearly marked with the child's name, parent name and parent phone number. Dosage information must be marked clearly on the medication or on a written note accompanying the medication inside the ziplock bag. Our staff all watch the Epi pen training video at

Pickup/Dropoff/Visits Policy

Camp is from 9AM to 3PM. Please be aware that campers arriving before 8:55AM will be charged for AM extended care. Please also be prompt in picking up your camper. Campers picked up after 3:05 PM will be charged for PM extended care. Parents are always welcome to visit their camper(s), but we ask that you schedule your visit with the camp director in advance as to not disrupt camp programming. ALL parents and visitors must sign in / out with the office staff upon arrival/departure. Due to the public nature of our facility (in the park), camp staff maintains an acute awareness of all persons in our area to insure the safety of all. Extended care must be pre-scheduled in advance to insure proper staff-student ratios. After care campers not picked up by 6PM will be charged $1 per minute. If someone other than persons authorized on your camp registration form will be picking up your camper, we MUST have this IN WRITING prior to pick up. Anyone picking up a camper not recognized by camp staff as an authorized parent/guardian will be required to show ID. Please advise us of any child custody arrangements/restraining orders and who may pick up and/or visit your camper(s) PRIOR to the first day of camp.

Info Forms/Waivers

Each Artscope camper participating in either Summer camp or School Daze camp must have a current-calendar-year info form/waiver on file. Your paid registration will not be considered complete without a current-calendar-year waiver, which can be completed at

Payment/Refund/Cancellation/Session Transfer Policy

All balances are due THREE WEEKS prior to the start of camp. Any registrations within three weeks of camp must be paid in full. Balances not paid in full by deadline may result in loss of deposit and reserved spot for camp. We are only able to issue refunds or credits for cancellations received three weeks prior to the start of your camp week or class session, less a $30 administrative fee. A $15 administrative fee will be charged for EACH transfer transaction to change sessions (based on availability). EACH camp week/class session is treated as a separate transaction. The non-refundable fee applies to each transaction with no exceptions. We do not offer any refunds or credits for missed classes/camps. In the rare event that enrollment does not reach the required number for a particular class or camp, or circumstances beyond Artscope’s control arise, Artscope reserves the right to cancel the class or camp. You will be notified as quickly as possible if this is the case. In such an instance, Artscope will refund your tuition payment in full.

Returned Payment Policy

It is Artscope’s policy to charge a $30 processing fee for ANY returned payment (check/credit card/online transaction). Those whose payments are returned may lose the privilege to pay via check/cc/online and/or deposit payment plan.

Medical Withdrawals/Emergencies

Artscope offers no refunds or credits for withdrawals after the withdrawal deadline except for documented medical conditions for the attendee. You must submit a withdrawal request and documentation on physician’s letterhead stating the medical condition as to why the attendee must withdraw. Medical withdrawals must be submitted prior to the first day of camp (business days only). Tuition will be credited to your account or refunded at Artscope’s discretion less $30 administrative fee.

Building Closures/Weather

If severe weather, a power outage, or other unforeseen circumstances necessitate the closing of Artscope programs, Artscope is not responsible for providing a makeup session, credit or refund. Artscope provides information about closures via email, and our Facebook page. You may also email if you have questions regarding closure. Please note that the phone may or may not be answered if the facility is closed.

Dismissal Policy

Artscope is committed to providing a safe, high quality educational experience to all participants. To ensure a quality experience, Artscope reserves the right to dismiss any participant for any reason without refund.

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