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Art Parties

At the Cottage


Looking for the perfect place to host your child's birthday party or a unique gathering for your friends? Look no further! Artscope's Cottage offers an imaginative, art-infused experience for children and adults alike, nestled in the heart of Tower Grove Park, St. Louis.


Art Parties for All Ages


Our 90-minute Art Parties are designed for groups of up to 10 people, whether they're kindergarten students or lifelong learners aged 101. Each party includes a teaching artist, a 60-minute make-and-take art project chosen from our menu of options, and 30 minutes reserved for cake, ice cream, and presents. For grown-up parties, we offer the same delightful experience—just remember to bring your own grown-up beverages!


Our Mission: Fostering Creativity, Inclusivity, and Environmental Harmony


At Artscope, we're dedicated to nurturing emotional well-being, intentional inclusivity, and environmental harmony through imaginative art, dialogue, and visionary play. Our core values include:


Visionary Play


Intentional Inclusivity


Environmental Harmony

Collaborative Opportunities


Our teaching philosophy emphasizes that creativity is a skill to be developed with practice, rather than a special talent a child either has or doesn't have. We believe that all children are creative and that art-making in a supportive and failure-free environment helps them express their creativity and build confidence in their abilities.


Artscope: A Proud History of Serving the St. Louis Community


Founded in 2002 by St. Louis artist Jenna Bauer, Artscope has grown from a humble stone gate house in Tower Grove Park to a beloved institution in the city. Over the years, we've expanded our programs, undergone administrative changes, and rebranded as Artscope, while remaining steadfast in our commitment to providing accessible arts education in a natural environment.


As a 501(c)3 public charity, we appreciate the generosity of our donors, who help us continue our mission of bringing creativity, ecology, diversity, play, and cooperation to the St. Louis community.


Book Your Art Party Today!


Ready to plan an unforgettable Art Party at Artscope's Cottage? Embrace the fun, campy, and art-infused atmosphere for an experience your child and their friends will treasure. View our options below and book your party now!


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