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Hello and Welcome to
Artscope: Camp Create!

On this page, you’ll find the basics about our camp, what to expect, and what to prepare for. If you have any questions or need clarity please give us a ring at 314-865-0060 or email 

Take some time to read through; there is important information about camp that you don’t want to miss! We’re here to make Camp Create an unforgettable, joyful experience, and we can’t do it without you!


  • Camp Create is a week-long, immersive, artist-led experience.

  • Our staff is entirely made up of local artists.

  • Students will explore community, arts, nature and facilitation during their week at Camp Create.

  • We lead by example and model behavior that builds community within camp.

  • We are here to support the success, enrichment, and joy of each child. 

  • We are discovery led, and encourage students to identify and reflect on their interactions with the world around them through the lens of lifelong artistry.

  • We strive to see ourselves in each other, and to approach each day with genuine empathy and connection.

  • We strive to utilize education as a collaborative art form, and are so excited for our cohort to learn, create, and discover right along with your camper!


Daily schedule

We leave lots of flexibility in our days to follow our campers’ flow, but this is generally how our days look:



      Expectations of students:

  • Campers are able to follow directions and show respect

  • Campers are able to engage and respond thoughtfully throughout a 6+ hour day, with the support and encouragement of staff

  • Campers maintain respect for materials and space, and work to be good stewards of our communal space

  • Campers stay with groups and understand safety

  • Campers do not show anger with their bodies, especially against other people (hitting, slamming, gesturing)

  • Campers understand respecting privacy 

  • If your child is having excessive difficulty fulfilling these expectations, they will be asked to leave camp. The length of time away will be a case by case basis, and is at the discretion of Artscope staff. No refunds will be issued for students who have been suspended


  • If you need us during the day, you can call our office at (314) 865-0060

  • In an emergency, you can contact Sophie Powell, our Executive Director, at 

  • (618) 520-7646

  • If you are not available to answer your phone while your camper is with us, please make sure your emergency contact is aware, and prepared to respond if needed.

  • Because our campers and their counselors love to explore the outdoor space as much as possible, your best bet should you need to reach us during the camp day is to call our studio at (314) 865-0060.


  • Parents are welcome to visit their camper(s). If you’re wanting this:

  • Please let us know 24 hours in advance so we can accommodate you

  • Due to the public nature of our facility (in the park), camp staff maintain an acute awareness of all persons in our area to ensure the safety of all. 

  • Please advise us of any child custody arrangements/restraining orders and who may pick up and/or visit your camper(s). 


  • As of now, masks are required for all people in close quarters in the studio.

  • If your child presents or develops any cold-like symptoms, they’ll need to be picked up or stay home and get their rest! 


  • In general, we will not cancel camp in the case of rain or snow unless it is a severe winter weather situation.

  • If a pop-up shower catches us off-guard, there's plenty of room on our porch and/or inside the cottage and we have plenty of rainy/snowy day activities to keep the fun going

  • If severe weather presents itself, we will be inside.

What to Bring


    • Campers should wear clothes that can get messy and wet as well as supportive shoes.

    • It can’t hurt to send your camper with an extra set of clothes for any paint/mud/water accidents. Hat, sunglasses, bandanas… whatever they need to feel comfortable for an outdoor exploration



    • You will need to send your child with food for the day.

    • Please send a sack lunch, snacks, and a reusable water bottle with your camper.

    • There is no refrigeration available for day time campers, and lunch packs will be in campers cubby on our outdoor porch!

    • Aftercare kiddos will need extra snacks for after camp. 

      • If there is an issue around refrigeration for things lasting longer than the camp day, please reach out and we can try to accommodate.

    • Artscope is tree nut and peanut free. 

    • Please do not send food or drink with peanuts or tree nuts such as peanut butter, almonds, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, etc. with your camper. 

      • Many campers as well as some of our staff have allergies that result in reactions simply from being touched by others who have handled nut/peanut products. Seed products such as sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, tahini, sunflower seed butter, etc. are fine. 

    • No excessive candy or caffeinated beverages, for all of our sake!



    •   Please apply sunscreen to your camper in the morning before camp, and send them with some to camp so they can reapply. If your camper needs a reminder let us know!

    • Please label all items such as lunch boxes, backpacks, sunscreen, and extra clothing clearly with your camper's name. We would love to be able to keep track of items easily and return them where they belong if they get left somewhere.


We have a lost and found bucket for misplaced items; please feel free to check it regularly for your missing things. Items left after camp ends each week will be donated or discarded by the following Tuesday.

What to NOT Bring (LEAVE AT HOME!)

  • Please keep all personal toys at home.

    • We love for all our campers to have the same tools and be able to fully immerse themselves in the group experience.

  • Electronic devices are not allowed at camp. 

    • Artscope is all about going unplugged. Please do not send iPods, iPads, Kindles, cell phones, video games, or other electronic toys to camp.

    • Campers are welcome to use our office phones if they want/ need to check in with their adults

Day of Logistics:



  • Camp begins each day at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM 

  • Drop off begins at 8:45 AM

  • Extended day runs from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM with an additional cost of $75/week


  • Please accompany your camper to our building as you will need to sign them in and out each day. At the end of the day, please help your camper gather their belongings and all the things they have made that day. 

  • If a person will be picking up your camper other than a parent or the emergency contact listed on your registration form, we cannot release your camper unless you have sent us written authorization in advance. 

  • Artscope is located at the intersection of Arsenal and Center Cross (a.k.a. Tower Grove Avenue).

    • Please park your car on the Northside of our building on W. South Dr, or on Arsenal

    • W. South Drive is a one way street. You can enter the loop on the north side of the park and drive around the full loop, or enter off Kingshighway Northbound.

    • Please do not drop off your child using the turn lane in front of the building. We do not want to cause congestion or create traffic that could lead to accidents ever, but especially with our campers around.

      PLEASE NOTE! Camp ends at 3:00. Campers picked up after 3:15pm will be charged for extended care that day, at a price of $25/day If you foresee an issue with getting your camper(s) on time, please reach out in advance so we can make a plan to support you and your camper(s).

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