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Tie-Dye with Tissue Paper
Create a colorful pattern by staining paper with damp
tissue paper.

1 12” x 12” sheet of white cardstock
10 6” squares of tissue paper in multiple colors
small cup for water
paint brush
paper towel or rag


1. This project can be messy. Cover your work space with newspaper and wear an apron or other covering.

2. Set up your work space: place your large sheet of paper in front of you. Keep the cup of water, brush and tissue paper to the side.
3. Choose one square of tissue paper and dip completely in water. Remove gently, without squeezing, and place it on your large white paper.
4. Dry your hands and repeat the above step with each square of tissue paper until you have covered your paper.
5. Remove each piece of tissue paper carefully and place to the side.
6. Your paper should have a colorful design with darker and lighter areas.
7. If there are places where there is a lot of liquid, you can use your paint brush to carefully spread out some of the colors. Don’t mix too much or the colors will get muddy.
8. When your paper has completely dried, you can use it as a background or leave it just as it is.