Tiny Monsters with Emily Hemeyer

We are excited to start bringing you Try This at Home! This video series will be small crafts you can do with items around your house. Hosted by the wonderful teachers at Artscope, we hope you find these videos comforting during this time. Check in every Monday and Thursday for a new video. You can also share your work with us below!

We can't wait to see what you create!

Make a fun, imaginative monster friend at home with playdough.

No playdough at home? Make your own!

For those of you interested, play dough is super easy to make and can last for weeks sealed in a ziplock bag in your fridge! Lots of recipes out there. This one has the least ingredients.

All you need is: salt, flour, and water. Food coloring is optional and can be substituted with washable paint, kool-aid, or even Tumeric spice!

Mix 1 cup of flour in a bowl with 1/2cup of salt and 1/2cup of water.

*If it’s too sticky, add flour. Too dry, add a few drops of water.

*You can mix in the color at any point. Though it’s less messy to mix with the water before you pour it in. All you need is a few drops. Mix Red + Blue for Purple. Yellow + Blue for Green. Red + Yellow for Orange.

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