Sophie Powell, Interim Executive Director

Sophie Powell is a St. Louis based performance artist and creative collaborator. Raised in St. Louis, they are committed to carrying out the lessons learned from the artistic community: truth, vulnerability and a shared desire to elevate art and honor the potential it carries. Powell holds a BA in Theatre and Dance from the University of Missouri- St. Louis, and draws from the educational philosophies of theorists such as Maria Montessori and Augusto Boal. These pedagogies explore curiosity led education, respect to the process of discovery, and empowerment through learning. 


Emily Hemeyer, Lead Teacher, Artist-in-Residence, St. Francis Cabrini Academy

Inaddition to teaching School's Out and Summer Camp Create at Artscope's Cottage, Emily is also Artist​ in​ Residence at St. Francis Cabrini Academy. Locally she's worked with Chesterfield Arts, Metro Theater Company, and Viva Vox. In Columbia, Missouri, Hemeyer ran a ceramics program for Parks and Recreation and taught darkroom photography at the University of Missouri. Early in her career she taught art at Morningside Elementary in Columbia. Hemeyer holds a BFA degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in photography and fibers.

Andy Minard, Teaching Artist at the Cottage

Andy (aka Ji-Woo Kim) is a Queer, Korean-American artist in STL with a never ending vision to create beautiful things while exploring the relationship between humans and nature. They have a special place in their art for Tigers which are strongly linked to their Korean heritage. Andy has been at Artscope since 2019.

Moira Smith, Teaching Artist at St. Louis Public Library and Stupp Center

I am a research-based artist, educator, and freelance exhibition preparator / art handler.  When I'm not working indoors, I like to spend time outside visiting local river sites, bird-watching, and collecting objects, sounds, or images to use in my artistic practice.  As an educator, I hope to share with students an appreciation for what we can learn from the natural world and in working with one another.  

Sarah Paulsen, Artist-in-Residence, Marian Middle School

Sarah is an artist, filmmaker and community organizer whose artwork has been exhibited widely in local and national exhibitions, and whose prize-winning films have been featured in the St. Louis International Film Festival, the True/False Film Festival, the Black Maria Film Festival, the Motivate Film Festival and the Chicago International Children's Film Festival. A 2010 Community Arts Training Institute fellow and 2015 Regional Arts Commission Artist Fellow, she has garnered numerous awards for her work and also completed several residencies. Paulsen holds a B.F.A. in visual art from the University of Missouri, Columbia and an M.F.A. from the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art at Washington University. She teaches art and animation at the Contemporary Art Museum, Marian Middle School, and UMSL.

Stan Chisholm, Teaching Artist

Stan Chisholm (a.k.a.18andCounting) is an interdisciplinary artist from St. Louis, Missouri who studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His collages, drawings, and mixed media installations reveal a growing cast of over 700 characters or mascots that serve as a visual lexicon for the moods, personal attributes or feelings explored in his work. Chisholm's work has been exhibited at Laumeier Sculpture Park, City Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis, and as part of the Screwed Arts Collective at the World Chess Hall of Fame and RAC. Stan has been a teaching artist at Artscope for over a decade.

Sarah Tichacek, Birthday Party Coordinator

Sarah Tichacek, who joined the Artscope family in May 2018, works as a substitute teacher for multiple school districts in the St. Louis area. She has been passionate about art since a young age and feels creativity is crucial in all stages of life. After receiving her Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts from Jefferson College in 2006, she continued her education at Lindenwood University. Being a double major, she earned two Bachelor’s degrees in 2010, one in English, creative writing, the other in Studio Art, drawing and painting. Her work, deeply rooted in the natural world, portrays an impressionistic style of landscapes, both urban and rural, with an additional focus on everyday scenes and wildlife.  

Sarah Burack, Teaching Artist at the Cottage

I am a multi media artist and anthropologist proudly born and raised in St. Louis. I work mainly as a silver smith, painter, photographer, and graphic designer. I am very excited about taking seriously play and expression in both art and other areas of life. Working with young people at art scope is an amazing opportunity to learn with young people, as well as be a part of the St. Louis community!

Kwame Segar, Teaching Artist at the Cottage and City Garden Montessori

My name is Kwame Segar and I am a musician and visual artist. Even though currently my main focus is music, my first love and form of expression was and still is drawing and painting. I love engaging in different forms of self expression as it is a form of therapy for myself and whoever else is observing. I am currently exploring new and different ways to implement both music and art simultaneously.

L.Younge HeadShot1.jpeg
Lauren Younge, Teaching Artist at City Garden

Lauren Younge is a St. Louis based artist who creates colorful abstracts by experimenting with colors, patterns, and textures with the intent of brightening people’s lives. With a background in art education, she has worked in both traditional and nontraditional settings with students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. She enjoys sharing her passion for art with young people. In May of 2021 Lauren will graduate with her MFA in Arts Management and Leadership from Webster University. 

Luisa Otero Prada, Artist in Residence, Kairos & St. Cecelia Academies

Luisa Otero Prada is a Visual Artist based in St Louis, MO since 2004, she attended La Salle University in Bogota, Colombia where she majored in Architecture. She fills canvases with vibrant flora and colorful abstractions;  Luisa is also committed to her community, she finished the Community Arts Training  2016 and Teaching Artist Institute 2020 invited by the Regional Art Commission. Her practice includes Art Residency at Vashon High school through the Contemporary Art Museum Program ArtReach, Art Coordinator of "Doors of North STL" a project of PEACE Weaving Wholeness, Art Curator for the  Hispanic Chambers of Commerce of Greater St Louis 2019-2020, offering workshops and art sessions  to different audiences as Family Art Nights at the Missouri History Museum, saint Louis Art Fair, Hispanic Festival or the Jazzy Seniors Group along to participating in Local and National Art Exhibitions. She is member of Zuka Arts Guild, Saint Louis Artist Guild and LatinX Arts STL. Luisa is currently Artscope's Artist in Residence at Kairos Academy and St. Cecilia Academy, both in South St. Louis.

Maribel Ramirez.jpg
Maribel Ramirez, Camp Create Teaching Artist

Maribel Ramirez graduated from KCAI in 2015 and pursued an art education certification from UMSL in 2019. She currently teaches art education, k-12, in Bismarck, MO. Maribel's work is a play on portraiture and incorporation of her cultural roots as a Mexican American. Inspiration is drawn from the traditional craft of papel picado (cut paper) intricate designs and the use of saturated hues to create a painting or mixed media piece of work.

Carrie Keasler, Camp Create Teaching Artist

Carrie Keasler is an artist, writer, and educator with 20 years of experience teaching art to students of all ages. While printmaking is her medium of choice, she likes to explore bookmaking, storytelling, and assemblage in her classes. Besides teaching for Artscope and Central Print, Carrie is pursuing her MFA in Illustration and Visual Culture at Washington University. 

Racheal Bruce, Camp Create Teaching Artist

Racheal is a freelance illustrator from St. Louis, Missouri and graduate of the first MFA class in Illustration and Visual Culture from Washington University. With work that has been featured in magazines internationally, she specializes in illustrating books, posters, optical animation toys and researching the visual culture of 20th century films. Her thesis project won a Cube Award from the 101st Annual ADC Awards and the Walt Reed Award for Excellence in Illustration and Writing. She has featured in many galleries in St. Louis and is a multiple Best in Show Winner. As an educator, she hopes to demystify drawing and establish it as a human tool for interacting with and interpreting the world. She encourages students to follow their own inclinations towards mark-making and use visuals for storytelling and communication.

Paul Vandivort, Camp Create Teaching Artist

Paul Vandivort is a performer and a builder of puppets, all kinds of puppets, including hand-puppets, shadow puppets, marionettes, giant parade style puppets and more.  Puppet Paul began his career in puppets performing with Stromboli’s Circus in the Heart of the Beast Mayday Festival.  For nearly two decades Paul has taught workshops and residencies in puppet building and performance in schools and libraries across Missouri.   You may have seen his nine foot tall Barack Obama puppet on the cover of the Post Dispatch, or you may have seen one of his many puppet shows, at First Night in Grand Center, or maybe in your school, your library, or even in your church basement or on YouTube. 


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