Colorful Weaving
Practice weaving in two colors and add a pattern with markers.

2 8.5” x 11” sheets of cardstock in different colors
glue stick


1. First you will choose the color of paper for the surface of the weaving. This is the paper in Column A on the provided diagram.
2. After you fold this sheet of paper in half, measure one inch from the top edge of your paper. See Column A, no. 2. The space you leave will be the border of your weaving.
3. With the paper still folded, make 6-8 long cuts, starting at the fold and stopping at your border. Your cuts can be curvy and don’t have to be the same width.
5. You will use the second sheet of paer to make strips. If you fold it in half, like shown in Column B, it is easier to cut your paper strips.
6. You are ready to weave! Column C shows a simple under-over pattern.
7. You can glue the ends of your strips to the surface paper.
8. Now use your markers to create patterns on the paper!

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