At Artscope we foster emotional well-being, expansive and intentional inclusivity, and environmental harmony through imaginative art, dialogue, and visionary play.



Our six core values are woven into all our programming, practiced by Artscope’s professional teaching artists and staff, and modeled for all our young participants.


We foster a love for creative thinking. We value creativity as a practical skill required for problem solving, solution oriented thinking,and experimentation.


We choose conscious inclusivity, which requires us to be intentional, accessible, and expansive as we engage all races, religions, ethnicities, physical abilities, neurodiversities, learning differences, gender identities, and gender expressions.


We understand our connection to and dependence on the natural world. We value sustainability and our relationship to urban and natural landscapes.


We value sharing ideas in generative ways. We create space for children and adults to explore, build, and generate new ideas together. We understand that nothing happens in isolation. We are constantly in community, thinking about community, or informed by our communities.


We believe play fosters imaginative engagement with the natural world, our communities, and each other. At Artscope, we encourage visionary play, or play that pushes students to dream beyond their limitations and build the future they want to live in with whatever they want.


While we are always connected to communities, we also value the importance of individuality and self-realization. We foster opportunities for students to explore their own identities, values, beliefs, and ideas through art in order to strengthen their senses of self and others.

Artscope is an inclusive community. Artscope does not discriminate in its educational programs or activities on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty or status as a covered veteran. Artscope prohibits any such discrimination or harassment.


Artscope’s philosophy centers around the development of creative skills in young people. At Artscope we believe that creativity is a skill that can be developed with practice, not a special talent a child either has or doesn’t have.


We believe ALL children are creative, and what they need to express their creativity is an opportunity to practice the creative skills that art-making teaches in a supportive and failure-free environment.

By encouraging children to develop an artistic idea and follow it through to a conclusion, using whatever materials and resources are available, we help them build confidence in their own creative abilities.


We also believe in the power of play and the benefits of immersion in nature. At Artscope, children spend as much time outdoors as the weather allows, exploring their surroundings, inventing new games, and connecting with friends. Artscope is also a technology-free zone a rare space in our modern world.



Artscope was founded by Saint Louis artist Jenna Bauer to create an accessible space for children and adults to experience the arts. Then named the Saint Louis City Open Studio and Gallery (SCOSaG), a former stone gate house in Tower Grove Park provided children and adults an inclusive environment to explore creativity.


Artscope underwent an administrative staff restructure, adding a program director and marketing associate in addition to an executive director.


SCOSaG refocused the arts programs to serve primarily children and youth, including yearly arts education programs and summer camps. SCOSaG also provided arts education for community organizations and events throughout Saint Louis City.


Artscope continues to be the only arts education program in St. Louis City to be permanently located in a natural environment, calling Tower Grove Park its home for over 16 years.  From our cozy cottage in the park, Artscope continues to work to provide access to the arts for St. Louis children through our core values of creativity, ecology, diversity, play, cooperation.


SCOSaG was renamed Artscope under the same mission and vision.